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By Syed Abdul Waheed, Karachi


A friend of mine underwent a surgery which cost him Rs. 30,000/-  However, his total medical entitlement from the company was Rs. 10,000/-.  He was in a fix not knowing what to do as the company had refused to pay the extra money, which meant he will have to pay it from his own pocket.  Having come to know about the problem I promised him to do something about it using The Fourth Dimension Mind Power Technique.  When I came back home I entered the Fourth Dimension and went into the office room.  There I communicated Mentally with the management of that company.  I requested them and asked them to consider this particular case as my friend was a senior and hard working employee with impeccable record.  I did all this using the Mental communication technique as taught by Prof. Moiz Hussain and then I created a picture of my friend happy and hanged this picture in the art gallery with a firm, unshakable belief that this will happen by the will of God.

After a few days I get call from my friend who happily told me that his application was accepted and the company as a special case paid Rs. 25,000/- instead of Rs. 10,000/-.  (Miraculously, as this was the first time that the company changed its policy).  I thank Prof. Moiz Hussain for teaching such a powerful technique.




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