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According to Execu-time newsletter, it isn't just fame and fortune that separates the super successful from the rest of us.  They think, work and live differently.  Here are 12 of the traits that Execu-Time says super successful people are likely to exhibit.
  • They like their vocation.   If they could start their careers over again,  they would choose the same or a very similar road.
  • They prefer work to hobbies.   In their spare time, they tend to enjoy mental activities, like reading, over sports of other physical activities.
  • They are socially outgoing.   They don't bemoan the fact that they don't know anyone at a party.  Instead, they circulate and introduce themselves.
  • They are optimistic, but practical.  They have a positive, "can-do" attitude.  However, they will take a proven route rather than search for pie-in-the-sky answer.
  • They still believe in Horatio Alger.  they believe the dream of rags-to-riches is still possible.
  • They are very healthy and seldom require sick days.
  • They were not model children.   They were usually leaders as youngsters, but not angels.  They were often mischievous.
  • They think they are lucky and that they will continue to be lucky.
  • They concentrate well, enabling them to focus on "the business at hand".
  • They draw on intuition as well as rational information when making decisions.
  • They know people of all social levels and have extremely large numbers of acquaintances, which means they have many useful contacts.
  • The don't get bogged down by details, but strive to see the big picture.

Having all these characteristics is not guaranteed to make you super-successful, but it's a great place to start.




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