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11. The main point is that irrespective of whether or not you are able to move at all in the upside-down position (with the head resting on the pillow, or later with the outstretched arms), you must always do the exercise to a count of twenty.  The efficiency will improve gradually with regular practice and time.



12. Bench Exercise:  This is the last exercise.  Place a stool next to any heavy object like a bed or sofa.  Sit on the stool with toes of your feet hooked under the heavy object.  (Wear supplies or shoes for this exercise to protect your toes from hurting against the edges of the object).

    a) For the first part of this exercise, hold the sides of the stool an try to recline backwards as far as your back muscles will allow you to go.  Then come back to the original position and repeat the sequence ten times.  Your should ultimately aim to bend all the way backwards to almost touch the floor with your head.

   b) For the second part of the exercise, recline backwards as far as your back muscles will allow you to go.   Hold this reclined position and twist your upper body from side to side twenty times.  Your ultimate aim is to perform this exercise in a position horizontal to the ground, with your arms stretched out to the sides while doing the twisting motion of the upper body twenty times.

13.  These exercises appear to be lengthy, but that is not so.  they just take 10 minutes.  The basic idea being, to improve the efficiency without increasing or decreasing the count for each exercise.

14. If you have never exercised before, start exercising now without worrying about how terribly out of condition you are.   But remember, keep the count constant, to stay within the 10 minutes time frame.   Quality will automatically improve with time and effort.

15. Someone has said, " you're what you eat".  So, in addition to the above exercises you should also start becoming conscious of your eating habits..  Concentrate on fresh fruit, vegetable, whole grains and prefer fish to meat, and remember.

  • Never eat when 'not hungry'.
  • Eat smaller quantities, but sufficient to satisfy your appetite.
  • Stop eating the moment you feel full.
  • Dieting often adds stress to life and makes people miserable.  Food should be a pleasure rather than source of anxiety.
  • The greater the variety in diet.   The greater the likelihood of attaining a good balance.
  • Reduce the amount of added salt to your food.
  • Cut down on added sugar.
  • Cigarettes, alcohol and coffee all diminish the levels of practically every vitamin group.  So void these as far as possible.

16.  Wish you the best in you endeavor.

Contributed by:

Wg / Cdr. Khalid Razak




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