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4. Imaginary Skipping : Everyone knows what skipping is, but in this exercise it is done without an actual rope as you do not want to trip and hurt yourself.  It has to be done only to a count of 50.  Initially you perform light skipping motions but then as you gradually start feeling more springiness in your feet with improving stamina, you jump higher and higher.


5. Deep Breathing : Skipping results in hard breathing.  Deep breathing is a natural follow-up of skipping.  Do deep breathing five times or less.  Stop this exercise after five deep breathing cycles or the moment you start feeling slightly dizzy - whichever occurs first.  The way to do the exercise is:-
  • Stand with feet comfortably apart.
  • Breath out slowly through your mouth as you bend forward and cross your right arm over the left to clasp the opposite knees.  Tighten your arms across the chest by pulling - in on the knees in an effort to breath out all the air from your lungs.  this extracts most of the stagnant air in your lungs.  Hold this position till you feel you must breath in.
  • Roll the tongue like a tube and breath-in slowly through the mouth, straighten-up as you gradually spread your arms out as if trying to touch the edges of the roof.
  • Stretching out the arms allows maximum air into your lungs.  Hold this position for a couple of second and then repeat the exercise, only this time cross the left arm over the right to clasp the opposite knees.

6. Trunk bending : Stand with the feet comfortably apart and the arms stretched out horizontally.  Now twist the upper body from side to side along with the outstretched arms - at least twenty times.   Do this while keeping the hips straight.  This exercise is meant to relax the body before the next exercise.

7. Imaginary Rope Pulling Exercise : Stand with the feet comfortably apart and take the arms up as if getting ready to pull a rope tied to a heavy bell, as in a church.  Then, without bending the back, pull the imaginary rope down with all the strength while imagining the rope getting heavier each time you pull.  Do this exercise ten times.  Since you would be grasping the imaginary rope with one first above the other, alternate the upper fist each tie.  This exercise strengthens the muscles of the chest and upper arms.

8. Neck Exercise :  The following neck moments are meant to exercise the neck muscles in all planes of movement.   Each movement should be to a count of ten.

  • For the first part of this exercise, stand straight and tilt the head fully towards the right shoulder.  Next, place the palm of the right hand slightly above the right ear.  Now push the head fully toward the left shoulder while slightly resisting the movement with the neck muscles.  With the head pushed fully towards the left shoulder repeat the exercise with the left hand in the opposite direction.  Do this movement alternately to each side to a count of ten.
  • For the second part of this exercise, tuck the head fully down, place both thumbs under the chin and push the head fully back while resisting the movement with the neck muscles.  With the head pushed fully back, clasp the back of the head in the palms of your interlock fingers of both hands and pull the head fully forward while resisting with you neck muscles.  Do this five times up and down alternately to a count of ten.
  • For the third part of this exercise, rotate the head in wide circles, ten times clockwise and then ten times in the anti-clockwise direction.
  • For the fourth part of this exercise, jerk the head sharply from side to side to a count of ten.

9. Push-ups against the wall :   For those attempting this exercise for the first time, start this exercise on a pillow.  Place the pillow about six inches from a wall.  Place the head on the pillow and let someone help you get the feet up against the wall and hold them there.   Try to push-up to a count of twenty even if you cannot achieve any movement initially.  Then, let the person help you back to the ground.  Repeat this daily until you feel confident enough to attempt this exercise without help.

10. When you feel you can push-up slightly off the pillow, repeat the same sequence with outstretched arms but again with someone's help to get your feet up against the wall and to hold them there.   Count to twenty while attempting to bend you elbows slightly.  As you build more and more strength in your arms, attempt this exercise without help.  From then on, it is a matter time before you can do full push-ups twenty times.

NOTE :  When attempting this exercise for the first time, do it with someone supporting your legs.  Please be careful, this exercise has been explained in detail because if you do not follow the steps carefully you might sprain your neck even you attempt using a pillow.

Contributed by:

Wg / Cdr. Khalid Razak




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