As you Sow, so you shall Weap


A very wealthy man was proceeding on a trip around the world and decided that he would have built, in his absence, a huge and beautiful palace.

"Spare no expense, employ the best labor, and use only the finest materials", He ordered his most trusted servant.  "It has to be the most outstanding building in all the land", he added.  The following day, he left on his vacation.

The servant, contrary to his master's wishes, employed the cheapest labor and used poor quality materials.  The money thus saved he kept for himself.  "How will the master know the difference", he thought to himself.   "If the structure looks beautiful , as desired by him, why would he look below the surface".  Thus time passed by and the work carried on.

On his return, the wealthy man called his servant and congratulated him on carrying out his wishes to the letter.  "I can see that you have built me a structure of my dreams, just as I imagined.  You could always be trusted, and that is why I asked you to execute this important job for me".   Having said this, he gave the keys to the servant and said, "This is for you, as repayment for your many years of loyal service.  Enjoy it, as you have earned it".

The servant fell to his knees and thought to himself, "What a fool I have been.  If only I had done as my master had instructed, I would have had such a wonderful place for me and my family to live the rest of our lives.  As a result, I have received a useless structure, that is only beautiful to look at, and nothing else.  What a fool I have been".




Always honor and respect the trust, put in you by other people, without using it to your benefit.  If we all behave a foolishly as the servant, in the above story, we will inherit a similar fate.  On the other hand,  if we behave otherwise, it will only help to build on the confidence placed in us, and be entrusted with much more important matters.

Contributed by :

Joseph D Souza, Karachi Pakistan.



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