An Inspirational Story


Once upon a time there was a little boy who was raised in an orphanage.  The little boy had always wished that he could fly like a bird.  It was very difficult for him to understand why he could not fly.  There were birds at the zoo that were much bigger then he, and they could fly "Why can't I?",  He thought.  Is there something wrong with me?', he wondered.

There was another little boy who was crippled.  He had always wished that he could walk and run like other little boys and girls.  "Why can't I be like them?", he thought.  One day the little orphan boy who had wanted to fly like a bird ran away from the orphanage.  He came upon a park where he saw the little boy who cold not walk or run playing in the sandbox.  He ran over to the little boy and asked him if he had ever wanted to fly like bird.  "No", said the little boy who could not walk or run."  But I have wondered what it would be like to walk and run like other boys and girls".

"That is very sad", said the little boy wanted to fly.  "Do you think we could be friends?", he said to the little boy in the sandbox.  "Sure", said the little boy.  The two little boys played for hours.  They made sand castles and father came with a wheelchair to pick up his son.  The little boy had always wanted to fly ran over to the boy's father and whispered something into his ear.

"That would be O.K.", said the man.   The little boy who had always wanted to fly like a bird ran over to his new friend and said, "You are my only friend and I wish that there was something that I could do to make you walk and run like other little boys and girls.  But I can't.  But there is something that I can do for you".  The little orphan boy tuned around and told his new friend to slide up onto his back.  He then began to run across the park.  Harder and Harder he made his legs travel  Soon the wind just whistled across the two little boys' faces.  The little boy's father began to cry as he watched his beautiful little crippled son flapping his arms up and down in the wind,   all the while yelling at the top of his voice,  "I'M FLYING, DADDY.   I'M FLYING!"




We usually think that we would have more than we have.  It's natural law, but only those persons get success who have the courage to fight with the problems with what they have.

Contributed by:

Raza Abbas "Bj"



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